India, tattoo design
Tengu, tattoo design
Oni, tattoo design

Portrait study for NG Photo
Commission for tattoo and maybe poster, thanks a lot Paula <3

Commissions for tattoos

To Elena, thanks a lot for let me draw this fishy <

To Ricardo, thanks!, first time i drew a weapon :D 

An study of the fantastic Jen Zee

Charater design for rpg 5R
Una colaboración muy especial, para un espacio muy especial
donde rescatan animales. Ellos son los chicos de Santuario Gaia

Gracias por pasar :)

Sketching cats, feathers and birds

peach jam and butter toast
She's my friend, Pelusa :D

Manga Style, me.

Commision for forum signature. Thanks Vael :D

Commission tattoo design
Welcome summer!

She's Doc, character desing for Cyberpunk RPG

Santo coño procesionario
Don't cry