Pinup study to commission =). Finished work is coming soon...

Old drawing
I need did this drawing. =). Fallout rules! (I know that is PIP boy, no PIT boy, but i dont care xD)

Drawing fantasy creatures

Made for International Cat's Day
Phantom. He's a hero!

Little hitman


Robot Me(eeee)dic


Angel Crustacean

Sebastian was an angel

Evil Worm

Spring woman

fanart of Moebius
i have been updating for a while, i was busy making drawings and commisions, and some tattoos too!. Thnaks for all.

My own version (isnt an original idea) of Red Ridding Hood, but she's not little. I play with ps brushes and enjoy it! ha ha ha.. Hope u like it!



Racoon sketch

Silence is the key

Aspidoquelon lineart


Character design for RPG, "El reino de la sombra"


"Llovieron peces dorados toda la noche y una niña se reia a carcajadas cada vez que uno de ellos moria con un sonoro "plof" al estrellarse contra el suelo." Paula Ramos Rey.

Quick portrait for a friend